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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Application Control

    Using ZoneAlarm Pro with Antivirus version 11.0.768.000 on Win 7x64 / IE 10.

    Application Control set at Max & DefenseNet on Manual.Advanced Settings are all enable to include Component Control enable.If I click View Components.Comes up empty.No entries.Last time it worked was when we had Auto-Learn mode default level for the first 21 days.

    Since Auto-Learn feature was removed it hasn't worked here.

    I had reported issue to be pass to Development a few times to support in the pass.Never has worked in Branch 10 & 11 versions.

    Custom Application Control features :

    Note : I'm aware of the number of alerts associated when Component Control enable when it did worked.It's more for advanced users who want to monitor and restrict individual components that these programs load (such as DLL files or ActiveX controls).

    If they are not fixing it, why not remove it all together from Application Control.
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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: Application Control

    After months of trying to get it to work.Get popup to allow IE.Hadn't seen this type of popup in ages.

    I did Properties and I see all this DLLs to allow.

    What happen here.Have no idea, but it's working now

    So far all DLLs are from C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64

    Note : Application Control was set at Max & DefenseNet on Manual.I just recheck.I must have changed at one point DefenseNet to Auto.Maybe that did it, but not sure because I had that setting in .504 for a long time on Auto before I changed it in .768

    Not to many alerts like in the pass as long as Microsoft Catalog Utilzation enable.
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