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Thread: SMTP being blocked by Antivirus

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    Default SMTP being blocked by Antivirus

    I am running the latest ZA (11.0.768.00) with high security for the public domain. Even though I have Thunderbird as Super trusted and allow all in Application control, I cannot send to my SMTP server without switching off the AntiVirus. The email then goes OK. But if I switch AntiVirus back on then I get Connection to the SMTP server failed.

    This must be a bug in ZoneAlarm, as AVS should not be effecting the firewall functionality like this, should it

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    Default Re: SMTP being blocked by Antivirus

    Right click the ZA icon --> about --> Copy to Clipboard --> Paste it here
    Please note that ZA (any version) do not support server type of setups (i.e. PC running server related software, like an SMPT server)

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    Default Re: SMTP being blocked by Antivirus

    There is no bug with thunderbird in the latest version.

    We just finished testing with thunderbird and ZA product with antivirus.

    ZA was installed first. Default settings NOTHING was changed in ZA at all.

    Then we downloaded and installed thunderbird 17.0.8

    Setup TB to connect to a mail server that uses SMTP with SSL/TSL security.

    No problems sending out emails at all. Receiving emails is fine also.

    Absolutely no issues at all with 11.0.768.00 and thunderbird 17.0.8

    So this means you have either a bad install of thunderbird, an add-on to thunderbird which your not telling us about is creating an issue, you have changed some settings in ZA from the default settings or Possibly a bad install of ZA.

    ZoneAlarm 11.0.768.000 is 100% compatible with Thunderbird 17.0.8
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