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Thread: toparcadehits - How do I get rid of it

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    Default toparcadehits - How do I get rid of it

    First my credentials – I've been using zone alarm for it seems a zillion years and I'm quite familiar with it.
    Unfortunately, I downloaded a open source OCR program from what seemed to be a respectable site and got this toparcadehits installed on my system which I can't get rid of.

    I did a full scan with zone alarm and it did not catch it.

    Any and all hands, suggestions, guidelines welcomed.

    PS - love the graphic assembly rather than typing in hard to read letters and numbers for validation....

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    Default Re: toparcadehits - How do I get rid of it


    I moved your post into the Malware Discussion area,

    Please follow all the steps as suggested here below:

    Malware Clean-up Guidance <= click Here

    If one step does not apply to you then move to the next.

    If everything else fails I would post your logs at Bleepingcomputer to have your system cleaned manually.

    also Read the Following link:

    Sticky: xyz was not detected. What I should do? <= click here

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