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    This is a bloody annoying bit of **** software. The world wide web is full of complaints and requests for how to remove it. I have done a search for it and can not find it. HOWEVER ZA keeps popping up with Suspicious behaviour for it. There is a box [] Remember this setting which is ticked. I click deny but this setting never gets remembered. I keep getting this message.

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    You say you cant find anything on the internet how to remove it?

    Just Google it, its comes up all over the place.

    Lots of articles on what it is and how to remove it.

    Please use Google to do web search from now on out.

    Its not a virus or malware. Its part of software made by Symantec.

    Even on Microsoft's support website there is a large thread about this and where it comes from and how to remove it.

    If all else fails contact Symantec since its there file and get help to remove it.
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