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Thread: 11.0.768.000 thru breaks my VPN connections

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    Default 11.0.768.000 thru breaks my VPN connections

    I upgraded to 11.0.768.000 (ZASS) on both WinXP and a Win7 machine.

    After this upgrade, my VPN accesses using the Microsoft client did not work properly.

    - with WinXP, I got a message telling me that the VPN servers could not be reached. This affected all my VPN servers (I have several servers in different locations), whch indicates that it could not be due to inaccessibility of one server...

    - with Win7, some servers could be reached (those not requiring encrytion) but some other (requiring encryption) were immediately disconnected.

    - using another client than that of Microsoft (a Cisco client) allowed to connect to those sites that accept this client, indicating that the problem was limited to the Microsoft client and that the servers could be reached...

    Turning off ZASS did not solve the problem.

    Un-installing it completely solved it...

    Is 11.0.768.000 incompatible with the Microsoft VPN client and/or does it beak it ?
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