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Thread: ZA changed my search engine and homepage?

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    Angry ZA changed my search engine and homepage?

    -.- I am beyond annoyed atm. I had to reinstall ZA and now have the problem that ZA has hijacked my frikkin browser. I cant tell you how ticked I am that I was FORCED To choose to allow it to, and was unable to change it after the installation. I DONT WANT ZA to be my search engine/homepage. I support the product I recommend it to my friends and family, I read all the news they mail me why do I HAVE to have it as my search engine? AND homepage? No ty. Anyone know a fix? If I cant find one soon, bye bye ZA im going to be done with this product.

    My thanks

    ~One ticked off user.
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    Default Re: ZA changed my search engine and homepage?

    The software is provided for Free. A lot of very expensive dollars go into developing Free security software. So in exchange for Free software we require the changing of the Browsers homepage and browser search provider along with a toolbar. Doing this provides a small amount of revenue to us.

    Were not getting rich off this nor does it pay for all development of Free versions but it helps so that we can continue to offer Free firewall and AV solutions to the public."

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