I have downloaded ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall 1 PC - 1 Year. That put a installation file on my PC (XP). I ran this and it ran for ages then got an error # 1619 Installation Package cannot be opened. There is an icon on my desk top and when it is clicked zonealarm appears to load but does not seem to do anything. This is upsetting as I uninstalled the previous protection now I have none at all. After over an hour on active installation (according to the display showing 100% complete I get the #1619 message. I have repeated the download and the install process 4 times.
When the Zonealarm interface icon on the notification taskbar is clicked eventually the usual interface appears (similar to that on the Win7) PC but there is no antivirus active and the logs all are empty - and I selected to have 'learning mode' I have had no messages about allowing or disallowing this or that software to access the internet.