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    Angry Controlling CPU Utilization

    Is there any way to control ZA ISS's computer utilization and/or to temporarily stop processes like updates?

    I have three computers that I sometimes use to collect telemetry from some real-time applications. If the update process kicks in, I lose a lot of data (it's taking 40+% of the CPU on a dual core 2.8 GHz computer). If vsmon suddenly kicks in (it's taking 40+% of the CPU), I lose a lot of data (and it does seem to kick in every so often regardless of what I'm doing).

    I need to be able to either strictly limit the CPU or else be able to keep ZA from doing things while I'm collecting the data. Note:

    1. Yes, I know that I can schedule updates to certain intervals, but that doesn't help because I don't know when I'm going to be collecting the data

    2. I have no idea why vsmon kicks in when it does - once I start the data collection processes, I do not open any files, download anything (not even on the internet), yet vsmon will suddenly start taking 40 or 50% of the CPU for a while.


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    Default Re: Controlling CPU Utilization


    Here is a link to a solution posted by the Forum Moderator in the "Helpful Hints and Link section..

    "vsmon" using 40-50% of the CPU all the time <= click here

    "vsmon" using 40-50% of the CPU all the time
    Running applications that keep a constant internet connection open will create extra cycles to be used for ZA.

    Your basically constantly pushing data through ZA that it has to analyze so there will be more resources used and 50% and more is not unusual with these types of applications.

    Its always been this way with ZA its just how the ZA core technology works and it nothing that can be changed or fixed because its working as designed.

    Best advise don't run these kinds of apps all the time.

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