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    Angry Controlling CPU Utilization

    Is there any way to control ZA ISS's computer utilization and/or to temporarily stop processes like updates?

    I have three computers that I sometimes use to collect telemetry from some real-time applications. If the update process kicks in, I lose a lot of data (it's taking 40+% of the CPU on a dual core 2.8 GHz computer). If vsmon suddenly kicks in (it's taking 40+% of the CPU), I lose a lot of data (and it does seem to kick in every so often regardless of what I'm doing).

    I need to be able to either strictly limit the CPU or else be able to keep ZA from doing things while I'm collecting the data. Note:

    1. Yes, I know that I can schedule updates to certain intervals, but that doesn't help because I don't know when I'm going to be collecting the data

    2. I have no idea why vsmon kicks in when it does - once I start the data collection processes, I do not open any files, download anything (not even on the internet), yet vsmon will suddenly start taking 40 or 50% of the CPU for a while.


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