First post, I have been using ZA free for quite a while & I have found it to be a good programme until recently.
I am now getting the "protection has expired" error.
I have never had a paid version on this computer.
I have done loads to try to diagnose this problem but it remains.
I have uninstalled, rebooted;
Run the clean utility, from the link given by chat support, rebooted;
Deleted all folders from the pc hdd in safe mode related to ZoneAlarm & those related to CheckPoint, rebooted;
Deleted all registry entries related to ZoneAlarm & Checkpoint, reboooted;
Undertook the manual removal instructions given by the chat support team, then rebooted.

Following this I created a new user account (admin level) and then rebooted the machine, then installed the latest version of zone alarm as given by chat support.

I still have the issue.

Anyone?... PLEASE!!!