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Thread: Microsoft Net installed by V768 --> By design

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    Default Microsoft Net installed by V768 --> By design

    I got rid of Microsoft Net Framework sometime ago because it was rarely used. It caused me no trouble and previous Zone Alarm Security Suite worked corectly.
    I have just installed V...768. It installed Microsoft Net Framework Client profile without giving me oppurtunity to stop it.
    Now today Microsoft Update installed over 200MB of Net Framework updates.
    The Security Suite installation gave me no options, even installed Zonealarm toolbar.
    I object to installers taking over my computer.
    Why is Net Framework required?

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    Default Re: Microsoft Net installed by V768 --> MS .NET Framework Required

    Sorry, Microsoft .NET is now required in all Zone Alarm version of 11.0.768.000

    here is a Quote from the Forum Moderator:

    .NET 3.5 is required to be installed. The new Site Check feature requires it. This is new in version 11.0768.000

    So when its not detected we will attempt to download and install it.

    In your case since the .NET installer we download from Microsoft is crashing when it runs (not a ZoneAlarm crash ) I would suggest you run the windows update utility and just update EVERYTHING. Don't leave anything out there is no reason to do that at all. Install all critical , non-critical and all other updates of ANY type.

    Yes installing all versions of .net and all the patches for .net can take a Long Long time, but to avoid issues in the futures it better to bit the bullet now.

    After you done that then install ZA again. ZA will not need to download and install .Net again.

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    Default Re: Microsoft Net installed by V768

    Link below presents final answer. You can read the preceding pages of the thread if you wish.


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    Default Re: Microsoft Net installed by V768

    Replies by Guru? suggest that once Microsoft Net Framework is intalled that there will be no further problems. However once you have Net installed you get continuous updates. Initially I needed 200MB and today there was another 200MB. When I had Net installed some time ago I got new updates every month.
    Guru? hinted that OP(?) might be changed to not require Net.
    IT specialists who have unlimited download capacity and do not have to pay for it are too ready to add new features that puts a big load on normal users.

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    Default Re: Microsoft Net installed by V768

    Microsoft updates, to keep your system up to date and secure, can be even larger. If you can't even keep it updated due to costs or bandswitch then better to move to other operating system that may require less downloads. Not sure which one tough.

    As the question has been answered clearly I will revise the title of the thread and closing it. We can't resolve here your issue with downloads.


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