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Thread: Zone Alarm 11 does not support display settings other than the windows defaults

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    Default Zone Alarm 11 does not support display settings other than the windows defaults

    Can the makers of ZoneAlarm improve the user interface? The user interface is really bad. The old ones were much better.
    Biggest problem is the popup warning box. The font are so small I can hardly read it, no colour scheme like the old one. Please provide option to make the fonts readable. Also the icons for .exe in the permissions sub dialog box are missing. WinXP user.

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    Sorry all user here no ZA support staff. Please note that ZA does not support display settings other than the windows defaults. If you have customised the settings in your windows to other font size or screen resolution ZA pop-ups and main interface may not display correctly.

    Also note that not seeing any icon in the application control windows is by design and not an issue with the software.

    Finally the user interface already changed some years ago to its current look. I am afraid its a bit late too late to provide this feedback now.


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