Hi Guys,

I have an unusual issue going on with my system. First, I am running Zone Alarm Security Suite 10.1056.000.

About a month ago, I accidently installed the AskToolbar while installing some other software. I missed clicking off the install for this. I thought I removed all traces of it, but I noticed this file, APNSetup.exe seems to re-appear in the My Documents folder. Oddly, ZoneAlarm picked up as a Trojan at thetime, but no longer does. I have run multiple scans with other scanners and am currently getting help from someone on Bleeping Computer.

I noticed something weird though, I sat there watching the My Document folder, the APNSetup.exe file appeared right as the ZoneAlarm was finishing it's update. I thought it was coincidental. But every time I have a full update of ZoneAlarm, that file appears. I have updated ZoneAlarm twice tonight, about an hour apart and that file has reappeared.

Has anyone else encountered this? At the moment, the file appears benign, but this is downright weird because it is the ASK toolbar installer. Thanks for any feedback