Last year I bought the ZA firewall with AV, and it caused me no end of trouble - vsmon just chews up memory and slows the machine to a crawl.
So, I decided not to renew and uninstalled the firewall, but kept the AV (even without updates I figure its still doing me some good because I run XP and (almost) no one is writing new viruses for XP). But Vsmon keeps running, chewing up memory and it keeps reminding me to renew. So, I turned off everything belonging to Checkpoint in "Startup" and "Services" using msconfig but I get an access error saying I can't do that, and VSmon keeps running. Do I have to uninstall the AV as well, or is there some way of running the AV without any of the firewall stuff - after all, I did pay for the AV, even if it is getting more and more out-of-date without the threats update.