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Thread: What to uninstall?

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    Last year I bought the ZA firewall with AV, and it caused me no end of trouble - vsmon just chews up memory and slows the machine to a crawl.
    So, I decided not to renew and uninstalled the firewall, but kept the AV (even without updates I figure its still doing me some good because I run XP and (almost) no one is writing new viruses for XP). But Vsmon keeps running, chewing up memory and it keeps reminding me to renew. So, I turned off everything belonging to Checkpoint in "Startup" and "Services" using msconfig but I get an access error saying I can't do that, and VSmon keeps running. Do I have to uninstall the AV as well, or is there some way of running the AV without any of the firewall stuff - after all, I did pay for the AV, even if it is getting more and more out-of-date without the threats update.

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    No, you can't run the AV without the firewall and no use to run the AV without updating. There are thousands of new viruses per day also for XP machines.

    Please remove ZA and find another free product that you can keep updated. No use of running an old, non supported version aside from consuming space and memory in your PC.


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