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Thread: Ugrade from 11.000.020?

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    Default Ugrade from 11.000.020?

    Using 11.000.020, I know there's a 11.0.768.000. I downloaded it and started to install but it looked like the only option was to use "default settings" which I thought might be different from the settings I am currently using. So I figured it would be better to do the upgrade from within ZASS. I clicked on the Update menu and it updated my anti-spam and anti-virus, but then displayed:

    Product update: up to date

    Why would it say that if there's a new version? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Ugrade from 11.000.020?

    *** NOTICE:

    Zone Alarm multi-language version 11.0.768.000 (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) (updated 06-27-2013)

    NOTE: Looking for the latest version? <= click here

    NOTE: Just set you software to automatically update and when ZA is ready to update your copy you will get an automated notification,

    Checkpoint normally only sends out Update notices for a Major Update, (example: v9 to v10 or v10 to v11).

    Updates are
    and slowly made
    and although there may be a new
    version the update has not be
    turned on for your pc to automatically
    get it yet.

    If available Update your Zone Alarm product now and stay ahead of the latest Internet threats. <== click here
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