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    Default security issue?

    For the past several days I have gotten an virus scan alert upon logging in. Today it was for the file - and yesterday it was - These are the 2 most recent. This has occurred over the past 7-10 days, every day. Each time the alert has said an infection was detected but that it was treated. I click on the more info button and am told there is no additional info available. I have tried to google it but get no other info. additionally I have scanned my entire hard drive using Zone Alarm and a couple of other antivirus products and find nothing. Do you know what may be causing this and what is going on? I'm moderately concerned
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    please right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard --> Paste it here.

    Specify the exact version of OS used. Detail the detection names received (see ZA logs) and location in which they are detected (in your PC).
    Also specify which other security tools are running on the system as conflicts or false detections can also be generated due to overlapping security tools.

    Moving this thread in the malware section.

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    Default Re: security issue?

    Your not telling us the whole story and leaving out important info.

    Give us a screen shot of the web browser when you try to goto these websites. You leaving out this important detail.

    I don't think this a virus since a virus does not have a URL.

    Its web protection protecting you from a bad website.
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