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    Smile new tab reset- Firefox


    This is my first post here despite having used ZA for years now; I've had no need, as have been generally very happy with the service.

    However I've just been through a full system reinstall and installed ZA version 11.0.768.000. During installation I very certainly unchecked any suggestion of interference with my browser interface.

    Sadly I was disappointed to find I had to manually disable a home page reset, search bar addition and toolbar. I am left with one further grievance, which is that when I call a new tab in Firefox (23.0.1) the ZA search page appears in place of the helpful and default FF 'most visited' page.

    I've found specific threads on this on FF forums with no resolution, and my searches on ZA forums have yielded copious irrelevant results. Please help if you can; I'm sufficiently irritated by this to consider dropping ZA.


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    please right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard --> Paste it here.

    is this the ZA FREE Firewall v 11.0.780.000 ?

    Which Windows OS?
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    Easy way to fix it is to goggle the question how to change the setting of the homepage of a new tab.

    Paid version of ZA never makes default changes to your homepage or browser default search provider. Only the Free versions of ZA does this and has for some time now.

    Only way a Paid version will do this is if you check the boxes to do that during an install on a system that never had ZA installed on it.

    Easier fix is to uninstall Firefox and download and re-install.
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