Hey folks.

After the last program update, most initial applications launches are very slow. I'll start, say, a media player, and although it's immediately listed in the Task Manager, it takes about 10-20 seconds for the program window to come up. This happens with 90% of my programs. If I close one of the these applications and start it again right away, it launches normally. But if I leave it closed for 10 minutes or so, it again takes 10-20 seconds to come up.

I didn't change any settings, only ran the updater. I even went so far as to uninstall and use the Clean.exe tool, and went into various directories to make sure everything was gone. I reinstalled the latest installer from the website, and the behaviour started once more.

If I exit ZA, all program/applications/games launch right away, as they should. I run no other AV or firewall.

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Windows 7 x64
2700k 4.4ghz
8gb DDR3
7200rpm HDDs

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version: 11.0.780.000
ZoneAlarm license key: *********************
Vsmon version: 11.0.780.000
Driver version: 11.0.764.000
Antivirus engine version:
Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1125749440
AntiSpam version: