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Thread: Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches

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    Default Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches

    Hey folks.

    After the last program update, most initial applications launches are very slow. I'll start, say, a media player, and although it's immediately listed in the Task Manager, it takes about 10-20 seconds for the program window to come up. This happens with 90% of my programs. If I close one of the these applications and start it again right away, it launches normally. But if I leave it closed for 10 minutes or so, it again takes 10-20 seconds to come up.

    I didn't change any settings, only ran the updater. I even went so far as to uninstall and use the Clean.exe tool, and went into various directories to make sure everything was gone. I reinstalled the latest installer from the website, and the behaviour started once more.

    If I exit ZA, all program/applications/games launch right away, as they should. I run no other AV or firewall.

    Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

    Windows 7 x64
    2700k 4.4ghz
    8gb DDR3
    7200rpm HDDs

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version: 11.0.780.000
    ZoneAlarm license key: *********************
    Vsmon version: 11.0.780.000
    Driver version: 11.0.764.000
    Antivirus engine version:
    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1125749440
    AntiSpam version:

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    Default Re: Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches


    sorry all user here. Please note that with a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.

    I would first try to again re-install the recently released version 11.0.780.000. This way:

    1. Take good note of your ZA license key
    2. Uninstall ZA from windows 7 "uninstall a program"
    3. Reboot the PC
    4. Download again the clean.exe from ZA website and run it:
    5. Reboot the PC
    6. Turn ON Windows 7 firewall.
    7. Double check you have no ZA leftovers on the PC. Look for "checkpoint" folder in "program folder" and "checkpoint" folder in "programdata" folder. The latter may be hided. You need to set windows 7 to show hidden files and folders. If you find any "checkpoint" folders please remove them.
    8. Download the latest version of ZA Suite you find here: (mind to choose the right installer! i.e. ZA security Suite
    9. Run the web installer. Choose the default settings (quick install). It will download the components for your system.
    10. Do not restore any previous settings.

    How does it work? Issue resolved? If not, you may have a third party software conflicting with ZA. Try to boot your system only with windows 7 and ZA. This way:

    1. Click the Windows 7 "Start" ->
    2. Type MSCONFIG in the search box and click OK
    3. Once in MSCONFIG , click the ServiceTab
    4. Place a check in "Hide All Microsoft Services"
    5. Now remove checks from everything other than TrueVector Internet Monitor and any ZoneAlarm Privacy Service, and click OK.
    6. Click the Startup Tab,
    7. Order by publisher and disable all items except items from Microsoft and Checkpoint.
    8. Restart your computer

    Now test if the issue persist. If it doesn't go back to MSCONFIG and check back the disabled items by group of 4 or 5. Start from the service tab and then move to the startup. This way you should hopefully find the issue.

    NOTE: You can place your computer back into a normal startup process by
    going back into msconfig and choosing the Normal Startup option on the
    General tab.
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    Default Re: Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches

    Duh, brainfart. But, I'll ansser you anyway

    That is the exact uninstall process I went though, and I alwo checked for conflicting programs. It just seem to be this particular ZA program version that's being a bit of a bastard. Though I sort afoudn a p-i-t-a solution; going into the Application control and making custom settings for everything. Pretty lame, but hopefully this will stop with the next update. I'll certainly go ahead and create a bug report to the 'official' ZA folk know.

    thanks for the reply.

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    Default Re: Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches

    Sorry cannot replicate this here... best to report to support. But unless they can also replicate it... it will be a difficult issue to fix anytime soon.


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    Default Re: Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches

    This must be a one off issue with your PC's setup.

    If something this Serious was happening in this version we would have hundreds of thousands of users if not more out of our 3 million+ user base complaining.

    You would see thousands of messages on this forum about this issue in this version.

    Your the only one so far. While I'm sure its an issue on your PC its not a general bug that can be fixed in the next version since this is not happening on hundreds of thousands of PC's.
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    Default Re: Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches

    I have the exact same issue on a first time install of zone alarm.
    Takes now minutes for the programs to start which are in autostart. Program start takes 10-20 seconds.

    Win 7 64-Bit Core7 System with Samsung SSD Pro.
    Zone Alarm:
    Kostenlose ZoneAlarm-Firewall-Version: 11.0.780.000
    Vsmon-Version: 11.0.780.000
    Treiberversion: 11.0.764.000

    The issue goes away when I set in Application Control "Defense Net" to off. I guess it is some kind of internet communication to your servers before the program is released.
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    Default Re: Latest Security Suite greatly slows application launches


    Frequently Asked Question
    Zone Alarm is using a lot of CPU or memory resources:


    The resources used by any program is directly proportional to the amount
    of processing it is doing
    (in this case, more Internet traffic, such as
    running a web server or sharing lots of file uploads and downloads via a
    file sharing program, means more resources used).
    Depending on system configuration, and the applications you are running at the time, you may
    also see Internet speeds slow a little bit with Zone Alarm running

    Users will also see more resource usage during the Program Learning
    phase, right after installation. This should go down after a few days to a
    week, when you set the Program setting to High, taking ZA out of learning
    Note that when the ZA icon appears at the bottom of your screen,
    that is only the User Interface - the actual firewall service starts much

    If resource usage remains high, there are several possible solutions:

    1. Upgrade to the latest version. Be sure to use the 'Clean Install' option.

    2. Set the number of alerts shown to 50. While this number can be set as
    high as 999, please remember that these are stored in memory as well,
    and will take more resources.


    High CPU, vsmon locked up, Event Log message about deleting corrupt

    If you have any antivirus scanning email attachments as well as MailSafe,
    try turning one off if you are experiencing performance or high CPU issues
    (if you are running ZA Pro, we suggest you leave MailSafe on and set to
    scan All attachment types listed; then set your antivirus to not scan email
    attachments; BUT, set your antivirus to scan All Files On Access. This
    actually gives you the best of both worlds!)
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