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Thread: Antivirus/Anti-spyware scan "Treated" file

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    Default Antivirus/Anti-spyware scan "Treated" file

    ZA ran a scan last night and came up with a potential virus. The scan lists the file name and shows the treatment as "Treated". What does that mean? What happens to the associated file and how do I get it back if it was deleted or modified? At the bottom of the COMPUTER screen I see it says "1 infections are quarantined". However, when I click on view quarantine the dialog box shows no files. For what it's worth, it appeared that the virus was inside a compressed (.rar) file.

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    Angry Re: Antivirus/Anti-spyware scan "Treated" file


    Please follow the suggestions as indicated here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance <= click here
    If one step does not apply to you go to the next. This way you will ensure you are free from malware.

    To improve your configuration and setup please see here below (if it applies to you):
    xyz was not detected. What I should do? <= Click here

    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

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    Default Re: Antivirus/Anti-spyware scan "Treated" file

    In the log you will find exactly what was detected on which file... can you post it here too?

    You find the logs in here: C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\Logs\ZALog.txt

    I don't think you can recover malware in compressed files even if the system GUI display it has quarantined one. However, the compressed files should not be deleted with all the other safe files in it - if any. If you have malware or dubious files in compressed form either you exclude them from the on-demand scanning (scan targets in the AV advanced settings) or you password protected them to avoid deletion.

    To exclude archives from on-access scan you need to Uncheck "Scan with archives" in the advanced settings (scan option) of the antivirus section.

    Disabling in general is not recommended.

    If you have a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the ZA technical support at the link in my signature (mind the closing time). We are all users here.

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