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Thread: PCI DSS Compliance - Deny ALL except for Virtual Terminal website

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    Default PCI DSS Compliance - Deny ALL except for Virtual Terminal website


    I have just purchased a small business pack of the current version of ZAES and am trying to setup the firewall on one of my computers so as this computer can only be used to access one website (a credit card virtual terminal) and no other outgoing or incoming internet traffic is to be allowed on this computer.

    There must be a way using expert rules that I can do this, but I am really struggling to figure it out. Can anybody offer any advice on this?

    Thanks - Paul

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    Default Re: PCI DSS Compliance - Deny ALL except for Virtual Terminal website

    That's more something to do with the parental control module not the firewall. The firewall is not designed to control websites or limit them.
    It should be possible but I am not using the parental control module so I don't know how to do it in practise. In principle, there should be a list of allowed websites where to include your site and a level of security that would not allow anything else.

    You may need to check the online ZA manual for detailed instructions.

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