Just rebuilt the computer after a HD crash and having this problem now that wasn't there before. When I start up a program stream for a radio station it doesn't play. Funny thing though, the 15-30 sec advertising stream does play, then the content stream does not! At any rate, if I turn off the ZA firewall then the stream starts up immediately. Sometimes, I can re-start ZA after the stream is up & running, and it will continue to play. Sometimes it does not.

Is there something I can configure in ZA to permit this streaming?


Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit, SP1
IE 9.0, and/or Firefox 23.0.1

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version: 11.0.780.000
Vsmon version: 11.0.780.000
Driver version: 11.0.764.000
Antivirus engine version:
Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1126704256
AntiSpam version: