I recently updated to zaAvSetupWeb_110_780_000.exe so the version of ZoneAlarm AV + Firewall is not the problem. You are getting information from a person that has created Network Management systems for both a state and a university so you can continue to ignore this problem at your own peril because PERSONAL recommendations will be canceled unless this problem is fixed.

I frequently go long times between updates because I use Linux. How long at worst? TWO MONTHS! But even a period of less than a week caused the firewall to lock up. That is a short enough time that even a 1-2 week vacation will be enough for the firewall to panic, lock and prevent updates. It isn't just the updates - the person effectively no longer use their computer and without a phone hot-line your chat is also blocked.

If you pull up Networks and Sharing, ZoneAlarm's firewall has changed the network name to Unidentified Network and there is a big red X. I additionally can not even ping a local HP-LJ4p printer with a JetDirect card. Given the fact that the ZoneAlarm firewall was now blocking the PC from acquiring an IPv4 address from the router via DHCP.

Work Around One
To prevent the DHCP problem I SET the IPv4 address info. That doesn't completely solve the problem because I still cannot ping the HP-LJ4P printer's ethernet port. I have no problem doing tha on Linux or doing a telnet to the printer from Linux

Work Around Two
I have only done this once but it did work. I snoozed the firewall. With a static IPv4 address that permitted me to finally ping the HP-LJ4P printer and after punching update several times FINALLY get the update. Will this work the next time and the time after that? If it doesn't ZoneAlarm will be replaced by something else and I will bad-mouth the ZoneAlarm product from that time forward, especially since there is no phone contact number to discuss problems like this!

PC Firewalls really should not lock up in a home environment. I haven't had time yet to see if you have a setting to turn this off, but by default the home products should come with firewall lock off, especially if the only reason is too long of a time between updates. Even if people don't go on vacation, many may go a week or longer without turning the computer on. Unlike me they won't know that what is locking their computer up is ZoneAlarm's firewall.