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I am afraid we can't do much here. You should contact ZA official support instead. But I guess they will come to the same conclusion as here.

There is no general issues about ZA not loading. This is one off issue happening on your system. In fact, if it was more a general problem you should have seen this forum flooded hundreds of messages by other users. Instead we have only this post after a month.

It is well know that XP cannot deal with too many items starting up and these will disappear from the tray of fail to load. It is also well known that security center gets corrupted very easily in XP. XP support will end anyway next April, so its probably time to upgrade the system.

To resolve the Zatray issue it should be enough to run XP clean of any third party software other than ZA and windows XP native components while for the WSC you can check on the internet how to reset it.

For updating ZA to version 12, just remove version 11 and run version 12 installer.

  1. I'm not concerned about ZA not loading. I believe that was all down to the (nasty) effects of the 'reset to defaults' which also messed up Security Centre and my AV.
  2. The XP system is loading no more now than it was prior to the 11.0.780 upgrade, and since the re-install of ZA everything loads as expected.
  3. I have written off all of the 'not loading', AV and Security Centre incidents as being related to the nebulous effects of the 'reset to defaults' debacle.
  4. After the re-installs, my system has been otherwise trouble-free, and has updated with the latest MS patches etc., so there is nothing much wrong with it otherwise.
  5. I meant to add in my previous comments that after the ZA uninstall and run of 'clean.exe', I went through my Registry with a fine tooth-comb, and removed everything I cold find related to ZA/Zonelabs/Checkpoint etc. As far as I am aware there were no remnants of ANY ZA registry entries left. I also checked for any directories/files left on my discs and in my profile and removed them too. And yet when I subsequently re-installed ZA, it exhibited the same (pop-up) activity as before.

What is therefore annoying is that the popup is STILL occurring.

I have downloaded/installed since I last posted, and the popup is still there. Early days - but if it still occurs after a week or so.....!!