I've been on my current HP Pavilion m6 1045dx computer for about a year. I am running windows 7; and have run Zone Alarm on the computer since day one. <br><br> last night at the prompting of your app I downloaded the current patch; I had been listening to a favorite playlist at the time, and there is nothing wrong with those mp3s. <br><br>Since loading the current patch, files played in WMP suffer pauses, dropouts and other audio troubles; the same files play cleanly in real player; but as WMP is my preferred audio player, and as it is the native player of the OS; this is not an acceptable work around long term. I have updated Windows as of this morning; this has been of no help. My current versions of your product, WMP, and Win7 are all up to date. As I am on a laptop I have no desire to "Upgrade" to Win8. Any help would be appreciated.