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    Default (?) crashes system

    Windows 7 Professional

    I installed the new update (the one that says "New ZoneAlarm Free Update" and upon restarting, the computer crashed. I had to start in "safe" mode and restore to an earlier point.

    Repeated the process, same problem.

    I didn't copy the error message, but it was the standard "catastrophic" start up "Windows had to close etc... If this is the first time you've seen the message ...."

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    right click the ZA icon near the clock, about, copy to clipboard, paste it in a response.

    It would be useful to know which products run at boot. Inspect the startup and tell us what is running as you may have something conflicting with ZA. Typically other security software, optimizers, internet connection management, etc.

    Please note that usually windows restore will break ZA. So the cleanest procedure should be now to remove ZA from win7 uninstall a program, reboot, use the ZA removal tool to ensure everything is cleaned.

    To troubleshoot you need to clean boot the system and only after install ZA. See here:

    Then you will need to slowly put back things in the boot, up to when you find the origin of the problem.


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