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Thread: Required upgrade today BSODed Windows 8

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    Angry Required upgrade today BSODed Windows 8

    Once again a ZA update crashed my system, this has happened too many times with too many upgrades over too many years. I've continued to purchase ZA because it is the only program I've found that also controls outgoing communication, I think its time to start looking around again. Logging on today I was prompted that my existing (purchased) version of ZA is no longer supported and the update is required, I followed the prompts, accepted to allow ZA to uninstall/upgrade, then it threw a BSOD which Win8 couldn't recover from or repair. After a series of looped repair attempts I was forced to refresh my installation and get to spend my day reinstalling and configuring. Not amused.

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    Default Re: Required upgrade today BSODed Windows 8


    I understand your frustration, however note that this is a user to user support platform on common ZA product issues.

    This Zone Alarm Forum exist to allow Volunteer experienced Zone Alarm Users to help the Few Users who encounter a problem with Zone Alarm and need to be guided in the right direction to answer Questions about Zone Alarm..

    I suggest that you contact the official ZA technical support (we are all users here) at the link in my signature. Its free for registered users. (notice the hours of availability)

    Please Give the Exact Type and version of Zone Alarm used, Windows Version & SP Update used, Browser type and version, any other security tools installed and type of router or Internet connection used.
    How do you connect to the Internet: Phone Line, Cable Modem, Router, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, ?

    The More information you post the more likely Tech Support will be able to understand the issue and try to help.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and support on this matter.

    Let us know how you have managed to resolve the issue. It will help other users with the same problem.
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    Default Re: Required upgrade today BSODed Windows 8

    Long time I didn't hear of a BSOD with ZA... If you keep getting BSOD at every upgrade I am afraid there is something wrong locally.

    As you can see BSOD reports are rare here. First because we can't troubleshoot (all users and no logs) second because they do not happen often anymore.

    I would try to update all drivers. Display drivers, HD drivers, BIOS,, etc. Remove any third party software that loaded at boots. You must remove any security tool you have installed other than ZoneAlarm as they are the most common source for BSOD (kernel over booking). Then test again.

    ... and indeed please contact the ZA official support as they are the only ones able to troubleshoot, collect logs from your system and escalate, for this type of issues.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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