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Thread: WebCakeIE virus

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    Question WebCakeIE virus

    My ZA has identified WebCakeIE as a virus and is treating it, and has been for three days now. Attached screen shot. I have update to latest software.
    ZA virus alert.jpg

    As you can see apart from close everything else is greyed out. If I close it it comes back the next time I turn it on.

    Advice please

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    yes, sounds normal. First of all this is not-a-virus but adware. Everytime you open a web page, ads are delivered to you and ZA pop-ups warning you that these ads are linked to an adware software you have installed.

    Just follow what suggested here: to get rid of it.

    After having it clean up please be sure to read this:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?


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