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    Default Licence key fail

    Hi there.

    First of all: I used the search function within this forum and google to find a solution for my installation problem. Without success. I already talked to the support chat. Without success.

    Problem Description:
    Yesterday I purchased Zonealarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall 2013 including a 3PC licence. Installation on my desktop computer worked fine and the licence was accepted.
    Doing the same with my notebook I run into trouble activating the product. ZA tells me, the licence key is invalid.
    About information (working installation, desktop pc, Windows 7 32bit):
    ZoneAlarm mit Antivirus-Version: 11.0.780.000
    ZoneAlarm Lizenzschlüssel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Vsmon-Version: 11.0.780.000
    Treiberversion: 11.0.764.000
    Antivirus-Signatur-DAT-Dateiversion: 1127564000
    About information (not working installation, notebook, windows 7 64bit):
    ZoneAlarm mit Antivirus-Version: 11.0.780.000

    In both cases I used ZA Internet security before, but I decided to use ZA Pro Antivirus + Firewall for the next period.

    What I have tried so far:
    1. Deinstallation using the windows program control panel,
    2. using the ZA cleaning tool to remove everything what was left from the former installation
    3. restarted the machine several times in between
    4. used ccleaner to clean the registry
    5. used regedit to search for checkpoint things left in the system registry and deleted EVERYTHING
    6. reinstalling zonealarm via differrent .exe-files. with and without webdownload and from different sources (ZA purchasing page and
    7. checked the system for any other antivirus software ore firewall --> there is absolutely nothing
    8. performed the "self-service support"!PAGETYPE?sq=windows%2b7&sf=101113&sg =0&st=769651&documentid=392324&action=view
    9. Tried to install with and without internetconnection

    I did this several times but in any case I receive the "about info" I gave you already. Can anybody help me with that?

    Please don´t refer to support chat as I have done this yesterday for several hours. Without any success. I already contacted the support team via Mail given by the support page. I received a quick reply but (I don´t know why) I always get a mail delivery failure mail back if I answer to the supporters questions.

    If neccessary I can provide further information for solving this really annoying issue. As I am purchasing Checkpoint products since years I am really dissatisfied with this actual performance of the software and really need a quick solution for this incident.

    Thanky in advance
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