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Thread: Error reports at boot

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    Default Error reports at boot

    Every time I reboot I get 50 errors from my Zone Alarm Privacy Service that have to be sent off by Microsoft Error Reporting. They give me no explanation of what type of errors except that its all on the present reboot date. I'm thinking somethings not functioning properly but have no way to identify or repair what's wrong...
    Is there some way I can do a repair or do I have to uninstall & reinstall the whole Zone alarm/Checkpoint package?

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    Default Re: Error reports at boot

    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> About --> Paste it here in a response (remove the license key, if applicable).

    Also answer some basic questions like:

    1. The OS version and SP used.
    2. First time installing ZA?
    3. Was it working well ever before?
    4. What other security tools are installed? Other antivirus (e.g. Microsoft Security Essential, etc.).
    5. Any problem with malware/adware/viruses recently?
    6. Running on an administrative user account?


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