I purchased zone alarm pro antivirus + firewall for my sons laptop.

I managed to install it in safe mode to run a scan, after the scan had finished i restarted the laptop and the internet access had been blocked (he uses wireless connection)

I have had this issue myself with zone alarm on my desk top so i went into the settings and tried to move the sliders to medium rather than high, unfortunately every time i exited, the sliders moved right back to high, i had a look online and a couple of posts suggested that it wasnt working maybe because i had installed it in safe mode and to uninstall and re install in normal mode.

So this is what i did, unfortunately it gets a percentage into the download in normal mode then stops and comes up with an error "saying that files cannot be downloaded due to there being no internet connection" which clearly there is.

Im wondering if this can only be installed on a non wireless network? Im completely baffled to be honest.

Laptop is windows 7 and the zone alarm is purchased, i just dont see how i managed to download it in safe mode but i cant in normal mode, any advice etc. much appreciated!