Need help:

Have new version of Zone Alarm Extreme Security - been having problems for 2 weeks or since I was prompted by Zone Alarm to update my product software, since then it's not been fun and is getting worse....finally went in and re-downloaded current 11.... version of it...still doing the blocks most youtube videos....and at some point after a huge time drag (which seems to affect all videos) at some point they come on....but most do not. I turn off the virus protection and the video sound comes on and no picture...but sound is playing...hit refresh button and everything comes up right away, but turn antivirus back on..and the video freezes or goes black.

I've been having major problems since I was asked to update the Zone Alarm Extreme Security software.

So I'm stuck...

Pop up blocker on Windows Internet Explorer 10 is off, doesnt' matter if it's on or off.

Tried using Goggle Crome and it still does the same thing.

Appreciate anyone can tell me how to fix this. Thanks, Sherri