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Thread: why does my website show up as malicious when its not

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    Angry why does my website show up as malicious when its not

    hi i am the owner of the site

    i have been told by hundreds of users that your software is marking my ste as malicious and blocking it,

    there is nothing malicious about my site your company is giving my site a bad name and its not true.

    how i can get this removed so that the site shows clean when indeed it is very clean not bad stuff in my sites at all.

    please respond with the correct details on how to get my site removed from your bad list urgently


    i need to fix urgently
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    Default Re: why does my website show up as malicious when its not

    Please search the board before posting

    How to diagnose and/or report antivirus/antispyware false positives

    Sorry links to commercial site needed to go..

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    Default Re: why does my website show up as malicious when its not


    Welcome to the Zone Alarm User Forum..

    Please Search this Forum first before Posting in the Correct Relevant Topic Area of the Forum..

    the Answer to your Quarry was posted by Forum Moderator near the TOP of "Windows and ZoneAlarm Messages and Alerts" section.. "This website is suspicious" on my website <= click here


    In this case and ANY website that's reported like this our software is working as designed and there is NOTHING that can be done to change it.

    Its the fact the website is 3 month or newer.

    Its the unfortunate fact that hackers put up thousands of sites a day for malicious reasons so we rate any new website like this.

    We don't have the staff to evaluate every new website in the world daily.

    So we go with just telling you the website is 3 months old or newer and let the person surfing make a decision to go to that website or not.

    We never say there is a definite threat on the website.

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    You can Tell your Users to Just Read All of the Zone Alarm Popup Notice, it will tell them what to do to view your Website..
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