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Thread: [Solved] Homeplug installation and ZAP > was not related to Zone Alarm

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    Default [Solved] Homeplug installation and ZAP > was not related to Zone Alarm

    HI there

    I have Zone Alarm Pro and am trying to install a Maplin's 500Mbps Twin PowerLine kit. My plugin connector unti works fine with amy XBOX and I have no issies. However if I follow the installation procedure and then try to connect to the www via my laptop computer, I am informed that there arr no units to connect to. I wondered whether this may be the ZAP disabling connection? I can connect to the web worelessly without any issues though.

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    Default Re: Homeplug installation and ZAP

    We have tested ZA with Powerline plug in units and ZA does not care about them.

    ZA sees the Internet connection from the OS and not the Powerline unit.

    A Powerline unit is nothing more than a Ethernet switch.

    Homeplug/Powerline is a standard that all manufactures need to follow to be compatible.

    We never seen a Powerline unit require software to connect to it. The units you have don't seem to be standard.

    So if thats the issue get a standard Powerline unit that does not require software to connect to it.

    The majority of Powerline units on the market do not require software.

    As a side note I personally use 3 Homeplug/Powerline units at my home (Netgear brand) and I never needed software for the PC to connect to these units and all my home PC's run ZA with no issue because ZA does not even know if there is a Powerline unit or a router or a switch its all the same to ZA.
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    Default Re: Homeplug installation and ZAP

    I solved the issue and it was not related to Zone Alarm. There was a switch on the laptop I had to activate to initiate the wired connection. All seems well now.

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