Hi, the latest update was a distaster. ZA wants to take over my browser, but I want ZA to stay quiet in the background and do what it was designed for without any fuzz.

I use Google for searches, I use Firefox, with my gmail account as my hoempage and I was happy with what I had and can live without always having the latest version. That has worked for me for a very ling time, so how can I get an old no-nonsense version of ZA?

I use Windows XP because Outlook Express is tje only newsreader I am comfortabel with. A no-nonsense piece of software. Nothing fancy but does exaclty what I want with no fuzz.

But the days of trouble free internet use seems to be gone, every provider of services or products want to integrate their stuff into our applications.

Oh yes, I uninstalled and got rid of the ZA problem. I only have to look out for the annoying SNOP thing, I couldn't get completely rid of it. But that's another story.