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Thread: Confused about "New Zone Alarm Free Update" Message

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    Default Confused about "New Zone Alarm Free Update" Message

    using ZA Pro Firewall only, ZoneAlarm Pro version:
    Vsmon version:, Driver version:, ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.393.22, ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner: OS is Windows 7 with all current critical updates. this was an upgrade to the existing ZA Free Firewall. Soon after the upgrade I started receiving a pop-up message: NEW ZONE ALARM FREE UPDATE. does this message refer to a free, no-cost update to ZA Pro or a ZA Free Firewall update? when I click on 'Update' in ZA Pro i'm told ZA is "up to date". ???

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    Default Re: Confused about "New Zone Alarm Free Update" Message

    Check For Updates does not work if the license key is expired.

    Note: Updates are controlled and slowly made available and although there may be a newer version the [check for update] has not been turned on for your pc to automatically get it yet.

    Click Here to download version 12.104.000 or Later version of ZoneAlarm for the type you have installed.

    Also be fore warned, that there are NOW two (2) different releases of the ZA Free Firewall and the ZA Pro Firewall..

    so if you have another Antivirus installed, and download the version with AV, then the two AV programs will conflict and cause problems, until you remove the other AV program..

    So chose the Plain Jane version if you all ready have another AV program that you want to keep..
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