I wanted to download and install ZA + AV Free but I guess I clicked the wrong link. I downloaded and installed zaAvSetupWeb_120_104_000.exe instead of zaSetupWeb_120_104_000.exe. The installer detected my prior version and I chose to upgrade my existing installation of ZA+AV Free.

So, there came the pop-up that my license has expired and I can choose "continue testing". In the lower right is a trial-license displayed 30 days left.

Despite some more options I don't see much difference to the free version. Some feature as "tune-up" and "anti-spam" are greyed out. That's good, because I really don't like and don't want those feature, especially tune-up.

Question is: IS this the PRO version and if can I just use this version for 30-days and is it then "switched" to the free version or have I to re-install the free version.

Thanks for input.