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Thread: Upgrade to calls for Vector Administrator Password

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    Default Upgrade to calls for Vector Administrator Password

    I have ZoneAlarm Antivirus +Firewall - V 11.0.780.000 (very recently installed and working okay AFAIK)

    I saw the details (big yellow announcement) for the upgrade to v12.0.104.000 and took the download.

    I opened the download and it started then a popup behind the screen called for my True Vector Administrator password.

    - I have no such ID or password.

    - Can anyone help please?

    - I have full sequence of screen prints if required.

    Many thanks!


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    Default Re: Upgrade to calls for Vector Administrator Password

    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard --> paste it here (remove the license key if applicable).

    Also specify the exact version of OS used and if you have recently any software that restrict access to your system or registry. Finally a screenshot of vsmon requesting a password can also help users here to better assess your problem.


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    Default Re: Upgrade to calls for Vector Administrator Password

    Ok I never heard it called true vector password before.

    But sounds like you setup a password to lock ZA so changes could not be done to the client.

    So the upgrade cannot run make changes until you provide that password.

    Or better would be that you first unlock ZA before upgrading.

    Open ZA
    Click Tools drop down menu
    Click Preferences
    Under Password Click Login button
    Enter the password you assigned to ZA.
    Now to remove the password
    Click Set Password button
    Do not enter a password in either field and just click OK
    You will get a warning message and click YES.

    Now ZA has no password and you can upgrade.
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