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Thread: Google chrome problems. (resolving host)

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    Default Google chrome problems. (resolving host)


    This is the fix I found.
    1.right click on tray icon and click on (show monitor) the left pain (computer- clck on view details)
    3.First tab (advanced firewall) (click view zones)
    4.go to (trusted zone) (tick allow outgoing DNS (UDP port 53)
    5.go to (Public zone) (tick allow outgoing DNS (UDP port 53)
    6. click OK and close window.
    7. Exit Zonealarm.
    8. Go back on line and you will find as I have that the problem is sorted.

    This worked for me and I hope it works for you.


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    Default Re: Google chrome problems. (resolving host)

    This would allow, any DNS call to port 53, not safe security wise. Better instead adding the specific DNS IPs to the ZA firewall zones as TRUSTED. This way only your ISP DNS IPs will be allowed to connect out. Of course, remember that the ZA trusted zone must be always set to MEDIUM and not high.

    In the ZA firewall zones, apart from the DNS IPs set as TRUSTED you should also normally have the DHCP IP (set as trusted too). If your network is actually a LAN (e.g. 192.168.X.X, this can also be safely set as trusted as it does not face the internet. This will also allow resources attached to the LAN (PCs, printers, file repository) to be shared in your LAN.

    To know your DNS/DHCP IPs you should use the IPCONFIG /ALL command. See here:

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