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Thread: Memory usage with TrueVector Service

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    Default Memory usage with TrueVector Service

    Just downloaded and installed ZoneAlarm Extreme Security v and noticed a huge increase in memory and CPU usage. Memory usage is upwards for 250M... yes, 250M. This has a huge impact on performance... is there anyway of lowering this usage or is there something wrong with this version?

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    yes, RAM usage is around those number. This is been stable since version 10, across version 11 and now 12. Normally, this does not cause any slow down. The principle is that the AV component tends to maximise the RAM usage rathet then the HD usage. This helps to discharge the system on slow operations (writing to HD) and should allow smooth running.

    On system with a 4GB of RAM or more the role of 250-350MB goes basically unnoticed.

    This has already been discussed in the past. You can use the search function of the forum. Therefore, yes, it is by design and there is nothing you can do to change it.


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