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    Default ZA program control

    I see windows has recently made a major enhancement with regard to their many windows update's.

    Now, the disk clean up can remove all the redundant files that were previously installed.

    My problem I am looking to resolve is the duplicate entries that are listed under ZA, particularly, under the program control.

    Is there a sufficient means to ensure that this list is up too date? Would it be wise to remove them all and essentially restart the program to establish this list?

    Need some ideas too ensure that this is being used efficiently. Thanks

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    Sorry, there is no an automatic purging of old or empty entries in the program control. If you want to clean up the program control you will need to go for each duplicate and check on "properties". If you get an error then the file is not anymore there and you can remove it.

    If you want a more radical approach you can remove all duplicate entries. The applications will come back in the list anyway as soon as used.


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