I use Win XP SP3 32 bit, have 4GB DDR2 memory and lots of HDD space. I have used ZASS (paid versions) for about 7 years. ZASS is now too expensive for me and last month I renewed with the paid version of ZA Pro + Anti-Virus (11.0.780.000).

I have tried upgrading to version over the last two days. After three uninstall/reinstalls, I have reverted to version 11.0.780.000 because version 12 will not allow me to use my PC.

Each time I install version 12, my PC never fully boots, after login, the GUI hangs with the background showing, but never reaches the Desktop where I have access to menus. I have to cold start and reboot into safe mode, disable all ZA services, then I can reboot normally and everything works, except ZA. I then did ZA uninstall followed by a clean reinstall. ZA 12 did take my configuration settings I saved from ZA 11, but that made no difference, it still hangs.

I configure ZA’s AV on-access scanning “off” because I use a more robust corporate AV for malware protection. ZA 11 works fine with my corporate AV and I can run ZA AV scans on demand without issue. Perhaps there is a conflict between ZA 12 and other AV S/W’s?

I have concluded ZA version 12 does not work properly on some XP machines. I’ll stay with ZA 11 and await the next ZA 12 minor release in hopes the problem gets solved.