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Thread: Should I use the Vsmon.exe repair tool on WinXP? > NO

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    Default Should I use the Vsmon.exe repair tool on WinXP? > NO

    Vsmon is taking 242,756 K of memory and at times most of the CPU. I'm seeing many threads on this on this forum and around the internet and found a repair tool at:

    However, I'm reluctant to use a third-party repair tool especially to fix an anti-virus application and would prefer a ZA solution. I am running the latest ZA version on my XP PC with 1.5 GB of memory.

    I've tried reducing the priority of vsmon.exe in the windows task manager, but it does not allow this.

    What do you think? What have others done to keep vsmon from taking over their PCs?

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    Default Re: Should I use the Vsmon.exe repair tool on WinXP? > NO


    Running applications that keep a constant internet connection open will create extra cycles to be used for ZA. Your basically constantly pushing data through ZA that it has to Analyze so there will be more resources used and 50% and more is not unusual with these types of applications.

    Its always been this way with ZA its just how the ZA core technology works and it is nothing that can be changed or fixed because its working as designed.

    Best advise don't run these kinds of apps all the time.

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    PS: This is less noticeable on Newer Computers with 4 GB or more Ram and Faster Windows 7 or 8 OS..
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    Default Re: Should I use the Vsmon.exe repair tool on WinXP? > NO

    You use that so called fix at your own risk.

    You will get no support from ZA after you use that app on your PC.

    Its not from us and we don't know what it will do to your PC so your on your own if you run it.

    Even if it does help you, you will get no support from us after it makes changes to ZA.

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