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I saw a dialog box that said a new version of ZoneAlarm was available. But in order to do that I had enable 2 check boxes. One that would make ZoneAlarm's search engine my default search engine, and the other would make www.zonealarm.com my default home page. I didn't want this but at the time I wasn't able to go forward with the upgrade unless I checked the 2 boxes. Shortly thereafter I found and copied and pasted a post identical to this issue; Now my question to you all is this, is there a way to disable the 2 boxes I checked off prior to the upgrade/update?

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  • MUST select search box and default home page choices to install?

    I had ZA Free Firewall + AntiVirus installed and noticed that on the ZA main page, there was a new installer, zaSetupWeb_110_000_057.exe, which indicated there was a newer version. (I never seem to get updated by the software itself, so, I have to check the main page for new web downloaders and see if there's a new version.) I ran the updater and checked and there was a new version, However, in order to get the Agree button in the installer to install the application, I HAD to check the 2 search box and default home page options to set ZA search options as my default search and home page options in Firefox. However, after actually installing the update, I noticed that my Firefox search and home page options were not, in fact, changed.

    So, I'm a little confused. Does the installer now require that both of those options be selected in order for the Agree button for the application to install to install?

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    Re: MUST select search box and default home page choices to install?


    Yes you can opt out of any changes to the browsers homepage or default search by clicking on "Skip All Offers" on the install screen as shown below.

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