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Thread: ZA free firewall+AV slows down web surfing

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    Exclamation ZA free firewall+AV slows down web surfing

    ZA periodically blocks any web pages and make me refresh the pages several times before its full loading. Sometime web surfing is ok, but sometimes ZA blocks every site.
    It doesn't make effect on any streaming video or downloading. They are ok.
    If I do exit from ZA during such slowing down, the surfing gets ok and web pages are opened perfectly.

    Web scanning is OFF

    ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall version:
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    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1131446432

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    Default Re: ZA free firewall+AV slows down web surfing

    I think, I've found a solution. ZA periodically blocks my provider's dns server.
    I added their dns server ( in ZA trusted zone, and the issue disappeared.

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    Default Re: ZA free firewall+AV slows down web surfing is not really the address of your DNS but of your router. Your network in ZA is your LAN. Cannot be reached directly from Internet as its not a routable address space.

    On default install ZA should set your router as trusted (DHCP provider). If you have not than your ZA is not configured correctly.

    If you share printers, files, PCs, resources over your LAN ( this should be set as TRUSTED. Again this is not the internet but your LAN. The router is facing the internet not ZA.

    Most importantly the ZA trusted zone should be set to MEDIUM and not HIGH otherwise you will treat any trusted zone as they were coming from the internet and therefore you may face connection problems and issues.

    Not really necessary but sometimes you may need to add the ISP DNS IPs to the trusted zone.

    To know the DNS IPs you should run the command IPCONFIG /ALL.


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