Maybe I didn't set things up correctly. I recently installed ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus +Firewall version and I understand the ability for the Administrator on a Windows 7 machine to be able to disable the firewall for 5min, but it seems that any user can do it too? I have a couple other standard user accounts installed on my machine and when I switch over to any of those accounts, the ability to snooze the firewall shows up on their settings when right-clicking the zonealarm icon on the system tray. I was hoping that choosing that option on their accounts would at least pop up the admin password dialog box, but I was wrong. It only pops up when I opt to exit the app. I was able to disable the firewall from those accounts without any prompts. It's good that they can't close the app down entirely, but I don't want them being able to snooze the firewall at all. What am I doing wrong? I want to disable them from being able to do this. Thx.