After I installed the lastest ZoneAlarm Pro firewall update "zapSetupWeb_120_104_000.exe" (without the tool bar stuff option) and rebooted my system, my desktop, taskbar, and icons would not load. Just hangs with a black screen. Task Manager works temporarily then freezes up too, even when killing other non-critical processes/tasks. I've had to reboot in safeMode, and do a system restore four times after re-running this update. Everything is back to normal, but ZA still is prompting me to update again to this lastest ver.12 patch. Hence the cycle starts all over again.
I never had any problems with previous ZA updates in the past. What's changed?

My system specs (with other startup processes):
O/S: XP Pro SP3 with latest Windows Critical Updates.
Symantec/Norton Antivirus 2013 & Norton Identity Safe (non-firewall).
Spybot Search & Destroy with Resident SDHelper & TeaTimer enabled.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program.
LavaSoft Ad-Aware (non antivirus ver.)

Again, I have never had any problems with all of these programs working concurrently with ZoneAlarm Pro in the past. Everything worked fine until I installed this new ZA update. Any ideas ? Thanks.

On a separate note, one of these 3rd party programs has flagged the "Conduit" tool bar stuff as spyware/malware in the past. Removed. Not sure what's up with that. ??????