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Thread: DefenseNet keeps crashing on Apple Computer with Bootcamp.

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    Default DefenseNet keeps crashing on Apple Computer with Bootcamp.

    Whenever I set DefenseNet to manual it crashes when I get a program alert. This also means the programs are unable to open or connect to the internet.

    I'm using bootcamp and tried fresh installs of both windows 8 and 8.1. It was fine on windows 7 a few weeks ago. I'm using version

    Any idea if this is a bootcamp issue or a windows 8/8.1 or a known bug in ?

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    Default Re: DefenseNet keeps crashing.


    This has been posted many times before. Please use the Search function available at top of this forum.

    Note that ZoneAlarm is not Designed for running on a Mac with Bootcamp or any program that allows Windows to run on a Mac.

    Sticky: Blue screen at Windows Start up on a MAC Computer? <= click here

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