I downloaded and installed the installer when asked
It downloaded and installed the update and asked to reboot
I rebooted
It downloaded and installed some more
I clicked my Start button and noticed all my Microsoft Office icon that were pinned to the Start menu were gone
I went to the Microsoft Office folder, and everything seems to be there...except Outlook
I opened Word, it was just fine, but no Outlook.
I did a system restore to Wednesday, didn't fix it
I did a system restore to Tuesday, didn't fix it
I have Windows 7 Ultimate and an Dell XPS 8300 system that is just under 2 years old.
My Windows Outlook Email worked this morning, as I always check it first, but now it's gone and I can't get it back
The only culprit is Zone Alarm
How is this even possible?
How do I get it back?
Dell and Zone Alarm Support are both closed until tomorrow and their hours are difficult to work with my job (I may have to go in late this week to try to resolve.)
Anyone else ever have this happen?